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About us

  • Overview


NCD research institute, was established in late 2010, and by 2011it obtained the needed agreements from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. In 2013, PPNCD succeeded to officially obtain the definite agreement from the Ministry of Health of Iran.

The members of the founding board and colleagues of PPNCD research institute have many research experiences in the fields of clinical and basic sciences and work with the aim of preventing non-communicable diseases. This research institute has succeeded in implementing national and international projects as well as publishing numerous articles and books.



The aim of Child Growth and Development Research Center (CGDRC) is investigating and determining prenatal factors affecting the growth and development of the offspring, determining the pathophysiology of diseases of children and adolescents and their underlying risk factors, and finally suggesting applicable solutions to prevent non-communicable disease.




The Child Growth and Development Research Center hopes that with the cooperation of specialized researchers be considered as a valid scientific pole.



The main mission of this research institute is to identify the mechanisms underlying non-communicable diseases and to investigate the risk factors of these diseases in children and adolescents.  Providing appropriate strategies to prevent the occurrence of non-communicable diseases from early life is the main object this institute pursue.

Date of agreement: August 13, 2011

Date of final agreement: May 13, 2013


  • Services

Clinic for weight control of children and adolescents (Amin hospital)

body analyser

Weight control is based on diet therapy, exercise and psychology, as well as family behaviors.

Research activities:

CGDRC provides purposeful and practical researches and services by determining research priorities considering the needs of the society; employing appropriate human resources and attracting researchers, empowering young researchers in the fields of science and technology, holding workshops, seminars and congresses periodically at the academic, national and international levels; attracting the cooperation of international organizations and expertise in the field of children’s and adolescents’ health ( including the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)), and also by inter-sectorial cooperation with other research centers in the country.

The main values underlying CGDRC activities are  emphasizing on ethics in research; the implementation of applied researches; productivity of the research projects by means of  producing science and technology, considering national priorities in defining studies,  and emphasizing the preservation of national resources and cost-effectiveness of research projects.