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  • Workshop on comprehensive program for prevention and control of overweight and obesity in Iranian children and adolescents
  • Scientometrics workshop
  • Meta-analysis  workshop
  • Research methods workshop

Journal clubs:

  • The common effect of FTO gene in obesity and cancer, presented by Ms.Faezeh Ahmadi
  • Cadmium Exposure and Bone- Related  Problems, presented by Dr.Ensiye Taheri
  • Green Space And Blood Glucose presented by Dr.Parvin Goli
  • Epigenetics presented by Dr.Majid Kheirollahi
  • Stem cell-based therapies for cancer treatment presented by Mr.Erfan Khorram
  • Fish consumption in early pregnancy and congenital gastrointestinal tract atresia presented by Ms.Maryam Bahreynian
  • Epigenetic of osteoporosis presented by Dr.Sadegh Baradaran
  • mpact of epigenetics phenomena on obesity, presented by Ms.Nafiseh Vatan doust
  • Applying the Intervention Mapping protocol to develop a kindergarten-based, family-involved intervention to  increase European preschool children’s physical activity levels: the ToyBox-study, presented by Dr.Daniali
  • Novel mutations in patients with Usher syndrome and Usher-related syndrome disorder, presented by Ms.Leyla Saberi
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Particulate Matter Air Pollution before, during, and after Pregnancy presented by Dr.Hakime Teyri
  • Impaired natural killer cell subset phenotypes in human obesity, presented by Dr.Mohammad Moafi
  • Genetic Hearing Loss, presented by Ms.Sepideh Ghobakhloo
  • Diagnosis, monitoring, and prevention of exposure-related non-communicable diseases in the living and working environment, presented by Maryam Sharafi
  • Long-term consequences of prenatal stress and neurotoxicants exposure on neurodevelopment, presented by Dr.Negin Badihian
  • Arsenic exposure, diabetes-related genes and diabetes prevalence in a general population from Spain, presented by Dr.Manijeh Mahdavi
  • Airborne microplastics: Consequences to human health?‎, presented by Dr.Bahar Shooshtari